We acknowledge each child as a unique individual

As educators we believe that we must be advocates for children and their rights.

At St Demiana we aim to provide the highest level of care and education for your child in a warm, nurturing and safe environment.

By creating a feeling of acceptance and a sense of belonging we provide an environment which enables each child to feel safe and secure.

St Demiana believes that each child should be treated with respect, and each child should be guided towards positive behaviour.

We believe children have the right to be supported in their efforts to make their own decisions and develop at their own pace.

We acknowledge each child as a unique individual, honour their diversity and develop and understand the child within his or her family context and culture.

St Demiana believes that an effective learning environment takes into consideration the diversity and differences in today’s society.

We believe in equal opportunities for children by encouraging all children to reach their full potential, regardless of gender or culture.

“Children’s early learning influences their life chances” (Early Years Learning Framework, 2009)


The centre provides educationally appropriate and stimulating programs to assist in the development of the whole child, their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, communication and cultural growth.

Indoor and outdoor experiences are provided in small and large group situations.

These experiences cater for each child’s individual development and reflect current interests of the group and of individual children.

We acknowledge the importance of the early years of children’s learning.

We believe it is essential to continue to promote the value of play in young children’s learning and recognise the value of play on children’s development.

Research has found that children attain higher levels of achievement through engaging in play.
Our educational play- based programs assist each child to build and develop at their own individual pace with guidance and support by all educators.




Children are encouraged to develop:

  • Confidence, curiosity and imagination.
  • Independence and self-esteem.
  • Respect for themselves and others.
  • Friendly and caring behaviour.
  • Their full potential both emotionally and physically.
  • Foster and reinforce self-control.
  • An understanding and appreciation of their rights and the rights of other people.

Our programs also reflect a full appreciation of Australia’s multicultural society, enhancing the children’s awareness of and respect for cultural differences and similarities. 

we promote the value of play in young children’s learning

They are designed to help your child in developing in all areas for success now and in later years and to equip them with tools and skills to deal with life and its challenges.