St Demiana has a wide range of modern facilities designed to ensure that all children are kept safe and fully engaged with the learning and playing process. You are welcome at the centre at any time as we have an ‘open door policy’. These facilities include:

The Joeys Room

 A nursery for babies in the Joeys room ( 0-2 ) years old.

  • A warm and inviting cot room where each baby has their own full size cot.
  • A large play area with modern and up to date equipment that is age appropriate.
  • A nappy change area.
  • Toilet training facilities.

The babies are cared for in a warm, nurturing, home - like environment where their emotional and physical needs are promptly met by caring and responsive staff.

The Possum Room

The Possum room is for toddlers ( 2-3 ) years.            

Wallaby Room

The Wallaby room is for Preschoolers ( 3-6 ) Years.   


A fully equipped Kitchen where hot fresh nutritious meals are prepared daily – This assists  your child to form good eating habilts at an early age and have a healthy active mind.

Outdoor Play Area                     

A large play area complete with climbing equipment and slides, a large grassed area for free play, a sand-pit that is great for developing fine and gross motor skills, and a large collection of fun and educational toys and activities that ensure your child is never bored, even on a rainy day.

  • Large grassed outdoor area: great for children to run and develop physical skills, balancing, jumping , skipping, and hopping.
  • A play centre that includes 2 large slides… very popular with the children and lots of fun.
  • Balance beams – develops balancing, jumping and gross motor physical skills.
  • Bikes – develops physical and movement skills, and eye hand coordination.
  • Shaded areas- to protect your child from harmful uv rays.

 The Indoor Learning Environment:

  • Construction/Building – develops fine motor skills/eye hand coordination, strength in fingers needed for using a pencil/writing.
  • Painting- develops creative skills, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination skills.
  • Reading /books-  develops literacy and language skills and encourages children to develop a love of learning.
  • Science/Maths- develops number concepts such as more/less, empty/full, large/small, ordering numbers.
  • Writing area –  develops writing own name/holding a pencil, becoming familiar with letters and words, phonics,
  • Dramatic play- develops social skills, co-operation, team work, imagination, listening skills and resolving conflict.
  • Puzzles- develops thinking skills, problem solving, visual discrimination, matching skills.